Portrait of the week – Dakota Jim


Dakota Jim © Emma Marshall

Dakota Jim

This is Jim, who I met last Thursday at the Jamboree, Limehouse. I was drawn by his laid back, lived-in style, the beard, the hat, the baggy suit. He looked like a man with a story.

One thing about this project is it’s made me get over my shyness. I don’t always feel like approaching strangers to ask if they’d mind if I take their portrait. But I have to do it, or let myself down along with the universe and my legion of adoring fans..

In this case I needn’t have worried, Jim was gracious and patient. He was having a cigarette with a bandmate, waiting for their gig to start (late – something about wonky schedules). He told me that he was from Dakota via Oragon, and had lived in London for 17 years.

As well as playing double bass at the Jamboree with the Cable Street Rag Band, he plays accordion and piano variously with other bands, including his own, and sings divinely.

Check him out here.

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