#8 and 9 Emma and Jack

So… I’ve now been reunited with the exposed film I left in my mum’s fridge in Sydney.

I photographed Emma and Jack at their respective homes in Brisbane’s suburbs. They moved out to Oz with their parents in around… must have been 1990-ish. Before that, they lived around the corner from my dad’s house in Crouch End, where I lived for half of the week (the other half in sunny Wood Green). We hung out in Stationer’s Park, and went to Woodcraft Folk.

I loved catching up with them again, having only seen them one other time in the intervening years. I was struck by how similar they are now to how I remember them when we were kids. I guess time doesn’t change our basic natures, which must be pretty well established by our teenage years.

Emma, 12 March 2012

Jack, 12 March 2012

Emma and Jack, 12 March 2012

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